Brand Operation

We provide a full range of professional and customized services including creating compelling brand image, performance marketing, pricing strategy, setting up and operating the brand’s own online flagship store.

Brand Image Development: Building brand awareness, personalization, localization, visual design, creating your own brand’s Top Seller
Marketing: Professional big-data analysis, precise brand positioning, effective strategy
Network promotion: Growing brand awareness, digital marketing, precision marketing, omni channel management
Price management: market-oriented and optimal pricing strategy
Online Flagship Store: Choosing platforms, online store setup, visual design, event and segment specific promotion, pre-sales and after-sales service, Warehouse Management

Consulting and strategy development

Each solution is individually developed. We offer a plate with full service: Starting with analysis and optimization of market research results, (re-)positioning of brand and products, services through the whole process from procurement to marketing controlling.

Feasibility analysis
Big data analysis of potential market through
(1)Technical Assessment
(2)Financial feasibility
(3)Revenue forecast

Consultancy and research
We provide holistic consulting and full-service with strategic and operational support: Digital data analysis, detailed report, risk forecast, discovering opportunities in potential market, analysis of competitors, innovative thinking and constant adjustment with market trends

Customized conception
We work thoroughly and profoundly on the characteristics of the brand and products. You will be offered not only a strong and differentiating market positioning but also a tailored to your needs marketing concept and strategy. Including digital marketing, omnichannel e-commerce and, a mesurable results that should meet your return on investment (ROI) expectations.

One Stop Solution for Cross-Border-E-Commerce

We offer a complete solution package: From brand entry such as identification of products in the local market, creating meaningful selling points, targeted marketing strategy, omni channel e-commerce, cross-border logistics solution, up to management in pre-sales and after-sales and warehouse management.

  • Chinese-German intercultural background
  • Professional team
  • Years of operation experience
  • Sophisticated oversea logistics solutions
  • Various distribution channels

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimization and inventory management in supply chains is our strength, such as decreasing inventory costs yet with high product availability to achieve the goal of profit maximization.

  • Procurement process optimization
  • Project execution
  • Warehouse management
  • Supplier management
  • Lean logistics
  • Omni-channel integration


Orthomol is one of the top and popular brands for health products in Europe. Since its foundation, Orthomol has been developing and selling products based on the concept of orthomolecular nutritional medicine. Not only doctors and pharmacists but also countless Orthomol consumers are convinced.

  • We support Orthomol with entering chinese market: From zero brand awareness to No. 1 in single-brand-flagship-store in maternal product category.
  • Create an online omni-channel business model
  • Top sellers with daily sales of more than 3 million in China
  • Targeted marketing strategy with professional big data analysis
  • Cross Border Warehouse Management: Optimal management for international orders and stocks

Emser is a strong and successful brand throughout the European Union with more than 160 years of history. An important component of all Emser products is the unique mineral complex Natural Emser Salt, which is used for respiratory therapy.

  • Full-service of brand management in China
  • Big data analysis for precise brand positioning
  • Brand value upgrade
  • Content marketing
  • (Re) definition the living habits in China
  • Coordinate with platforms and channels with event and segment specific promotion


Biotulin is Germany‘s most popular brand of skin care. Biotulin products are known for effective wrinkle prophylaxis and visually anti-wrinkle effect, which is a perfect replacement for botulinum toxin.

  • Individual brand image building and product description
  • Support in entering the Chinese market
  • Market-oriented and optimal pricing strategy
  • Combining traditional online channels with new media marketing
  • Word of Mouth Marketing strategy: Rapid increase of brand awareness